Met you at the PGA Show - I am a clinical and sports psychologist that works with PGA and LPGA golfers, as well as numerous collegiate and juniors across the country. I bought a Putting Stick to try it out and the results have been tremendous. I want to speak with you about setting up a program for my players to purchase them as I will make sure that all players have one!

Reviewer: Bhrett M. from The Mind Side in Birmingham, AL

I purchased a Back Saver Wallet today and can feel the difference already. I am hoping it will be more useful then that ALUMA brand wallet I purchased a week ago that fell apart and broke in two pcs. I was also very pleased your product is made in the good ole USA.

James C., Loves Park, IL.

Hi Crystal

Thanks for your quick response. I love my Back Saver Wallet, I have used a front pocket wallet for years, was never happy with the bulkiness and now I found yours. Great product. I have 13 credit cards, driver license, 2 registrations, insurance cards for 2 vehicles, voter registration card, social security card,YMCA card and pictures. Oh lots of bills.

Sam R.
Temperance, MI

I have the Putting Stick Pro and the original model with the mirror at the end of the rail. Took it out of my bag pre-member/member tournament due to complaints. Turns out that the other members should buy one instead of complain about it being in my bag; won every money category of tournament! (TPK checked with the USGA, and as long as you do not USE The Putting Stick during a round of competitive golf, it is not a rules violation to have it in the golf bag. In this case, The Putting Stick put money in his pocket!)

Keith C.
4.4 handicap
Henderson, NV

"The Putting Stick is a wonderful practice aid. You only have control of the first 3 feet and the putting stick helps you perfect that."
Pat Sellers, PGA Tour Putting Instructor

I had been looking for the Putting Stick since seeing it on TV with Boo Weekley using prior to a round. I couldn't find it anywhere and recently saw the ad in PGA Magazine. I loved the idea and have always been using a string and two pencils as a alignment and path aid. I love the mirror as a set up check, and the versatility of the many uses of the Putting Stick. I have sold three in the first week, and created a buzz by leaving it on the green and letting customers try it. I am very happy with the product and found it useful for both my juniors and my adults. Great Product!!!

Bob Sparks
PGA Golf Professional
2013 Connecticut Section PGA Junior Golf Leader

By utilizing the Putting Stick, I can gain precise feedback about a students putting stroke. Lack of feedback is the chief reason golfers do not improve putting even with practice, especially incorrect practice. Most importantly, it teaches the student to learn without the thought of mechanics. The Putting Stick allows golfers to continuously monitor backswing length, showing when the backswing might be too long and shows the accuracy of a square blade at impact since the ball will roll off the stick if not struck correctly. The attached alignment mirror allows golfers to monitor if their eye alignment and setup are correct throughout the practice sessions. If golfers spend 10 to 15 minutes a day of proper practice with square-to-square or inside-to-square-to-inside strokes on the Putting Stick, it will change their life on the greens.

Mitchell Crum, Director of Instructors of the United States Schools of Golf in Murrels Inlet, S.C. and President of
Professional Golf Teachers and Coaches of America

May 19, 2013
Putting Stick
This device will not help you control putting speed. However, IMO there are no aids better than this to work on striking the ball squarely and flush. Any type of miss struck putt is obvious as the ball falls on the rail or barely stays on it. But when you putt the ball properly, you see the ball roll on the rail. When you get on the course, 3 footers never looked easier.

Jeff F.

May 9, 2013
Our golf bag tags were a huge success! Everyone raved about the high quality, and I was very relieved they arrived on time! We will definitely use your company again! Thank you for your faithfulness, great communication and amazing customer service!

Ellen Weintraub
Business Coordinator
Trade-PMR, Inc

April 30, 2013
Thank you so much for the wallets. They are fantastic. I loved removing my cards from the bulky relic that had served me for so long and using my Backsaver. Not only is it incredibly more compact, but it is a much more organized way to keep my cards and essentials. It may sound funny, but I was actually embarrassed to pull out my old wallet with every exchange I made. I love the way this wallet looks and functions. Thank you again for your terrific customer service. I look forward to placing more orders with you in the future.

Sincerely, Dan C.

October 8, 2012
The scorecard holders, bag tags, and wallets looked awesome! I am very pleased how they came out. Our year end tournament was this past Saturday. Every participant received both scorecard holder and bag tag. I can say everyone loved both! I received many praises on the goody bag. Thanks again for all you did to make it happen and all your follow up and communication during the entire order process. We are a very pleased customer and look forward to repeat business with TPK in the years to come.

Carlton Chambers
President & Golf Director
United States Christian Golf Association

November 26, 2012
Thanks for sending the replacement parts for my wallet. It is much easier to carry my money now. It is very much appreciated that a company such as yours honors the warranty. I will recommend TPK leather to everyone.

Thanks Again,
Dave Koeth

July 17,2012
This note is to thank you for your assistance on 7/3/2012 when we called to inquire about our order for scorecard holders. We discovered that you had indeed sent them via USPS and they had been misrouted and returned to you. You then sent them overnight air so that we were able to get them the morning before we left for the USGA Amateur Links Championship. WE SO APPRECIATED YOUR EXTRA EFFORT as these were gifts to our son for the tournament. Again, thank you fore your outstanding service. Normally the time factor would not have been critical and we could have waited longer but in this case you made us very happy in allowing us to receive the scorecard holders before we left for Utah.

Tom and Steph Long
PS Scorecard holder was received well by our son....he didn't get far in the tournament but it was defiantly a memorable event!! One of the quarter-finalists was from Plymouth MN...go Minnesota!! ha Please pass on this email and thank you to appropriate persons in your company who were responsible for solving our problem. Thanks.