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Loyal H. “Bud” Chapman, painter of the most famous golf paintings in the world - the Infamous Golf Holes - is making a special offer to help college golf teams raise funds.The original paintings were created in the period 1975-1980 and have been attributed as changing the design of golf courses. When asked about Bud's paintings, Pete Dye, the world-famous golf course architect said:

"Bud's innovative thinking certainly influenced many designers to make the contours a little steeper and the bunkers a little deeper and generally to think outside the box with new designs, and, in that way Bud made a great contribution to the game."

Bud is making this offer because of his love of the great game of golf and to support the newest generation of golfers. Bud is 92 and still golfs every day (weather permitting). He still has a single digit handicap and over 2000 rounds his age or better (and he started having these rounds when he was still in his 60’s).

We have produced 22“X 28” Gicleé prints that are color matched exactly to the original paintings. What the world has seen of the Infamous Golf Holes before were art posters produced by a 4-color lithograph printing process. Gicleé prints are 12-color digitally controlled ink jet art prints produced on archival paper and with archival ink guaranteed to last 300+ years. With 18 different paintings to choose from, there is one for every collector’s taste and location.
This is a unique opportunity. Be the first to brag about what you have, and how you are supporting your alma mater.

This $500 value is being offered to you at $250, free shipping included, and your school will receive $50 for each print purchased under your code. You will have a true art collector quality print at a bargain price. This offer is good until 12/31/2016. Head over to, place your order and put the code that you received from your school’s coach in the promo code box.

Vlad Gribovsky

Exclusive Agent for Bud Chapman

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